Virgin Galactic Accredited Space Agent
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Virgin Galactic Accredited Space Agent

Space Travel – the ultimate adventure, the final frontier

Cardoza-Bungey Travel is an Accredited Space Agent for Virgin Galactic, the world’s first space tourism adventure, and can book you on your adventure into space.

Your space adventure starts in New Mexico, with 2 or 3 days of pre-flight training at Spaceport America to meet your fellow adventurers in space travel and prepare for space flight. On flight day, you suit up and strap into VSS Enterprise, Virgin Galactic’s spaceship, for an exhilarating journey 70 miles above the Earth to experience what fewer than 1000 people have experienced before you:

  • Acceleration over 3Gs pinning you back in your seat
  • Silence of outer space
  • Weightlessness of zero gravity
  • Humbling, inspiring sight of Earth beneath you

You return to Earth with a new outlook, with a first-hand appreciation of the vastness of space and humankind’s place in the universe—not to mention the coolest "where I went on my vacation" story in the office.

To learn more about space journeys with Virgin Galactic, please contact Accredited Space Agent, Tony Cardoza, at or 650-325-5600.

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